Rural Economic Development

Rural communities are the backbone of British Columbia’s economy and way of life. At a time when B.C. is leading Canada in both economic growth and job creation, the B.C. government is exploring new ways to ensure all British Columbians share in this growth and prosperity regardless of where they live in the province.

On March 7, 2017 the Province released a Rural Economic Development Strategy. You can read more about the strategy here.

Provincial economic development programs help rural communities to diversify their economic base, thus contributing to their strength and sustainability. In parallel, funding contributions to education, skills training and adult literacy programs help ensure British Columbians are able to transition to post-secondary education and are well-prepared for job openings in high-demand occupations.

Provincial investments in critical infrastructure are essential to attracting and retaining international students, immigrants and post-secondary graduates, who in turn play an important role in the economic development of rural communities by meeting current and future labour market shortages.

You can read the B.C. Jobs Plan: 5-Year Progress Update here.