Protected and Sustainable Environment

Economic prosperity should not come at the expense of a healthy environment. Government’s vision of sustainable management of our natural resources using science-based knowledge, policies and regulation benefits both current and future generations.

Shared stewardship initiatives and an effective regulatory climate allow both the environment and the economy to thrive. Clear and consistent policies, standards and regulations increase certainty for business and investors while ensuring the protection of human health and the environment.

The Province is taking action to support a healthy and sustainable environment:

  • The $148.5-million Clean Water and Wastewater Fund enables local governments to build infrastructure necessary to ensure British Columbians have reliable access to clean water.
  • The Cumulative Effects Framework includes policies, procedures and tools to improve the assessment and management of cumulative effects in decisions related to natural resources.
  • Coming into effect in 2017, B.C.’s spill response regime ensures that effective preparedness, response and recovery measures are in place for hazardous substance spills from any source.

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