History of the BC Jobs Plan

The BC Jobs Plan was launched in 2011 as the government’s strategy to grow B.C.’s economy and enable job creation.

The BC Jobs Plan created an economic strategy to position British Columbia for long-term economic success. Five years later, that vision has been achieved. Our economy is strong and resilient; B.C.’s fiscal discipline and strong economic performance give us the ability to make record investments in transit infrastructure, health, education, housing, social programs, and our culture.

But our job is not done. We are still surrounded by risk in an uncertain global economy. The global economic downturn has disproportionately impacted rural communities, which is why the BC Jobs Plan is our pledge to make sure that all regions share in B.C.’s prosperity.

British Columbians can take pride in what we have accomplished over the last five years – and be confident in our renewed vision in this year’s plan. Working together, we will continue to show the world that our opportunity is here.

Learn more about BC Jobs Plan progress by reading the reports below.

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2011 BC Jobs Plan: PDF