Vitalus rises to the top

Vitalus, with a business history of over sixty years in operations, is on the leading edge of technology innovation in food ingredient processing. President, Philip Vanderpol, is seeking their next opportunity to create new product streams from their existing business.

Supported by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Growing Forward 2 program, Vitalus was able to balance the risk associated with developing and piloting a new technology to arrive at a successful product that will be marketed internationally.

“We are more about speciality and innovation,” says Vanderpol. “When the products get more commodities oriented, that’s not exciting for us. We like new, value-added opportunities.”

Vitalus is looking to further contribute to revenue generation, economic growth and innovation of the food processing sector in B.C. And in order to support their new product operations, they will be making a significant capital investment for a plant expansion in Abbotsford, which will be fully operational in 2017. Currently Vitalus employs 65 people, including the new technology and product stream that has created 15 skilled, high value jobs, and will create 20 more by 2020.

“We are constantly looking for ways to improve the work environment and provide ongoing training to assist employees in performing in their current job and prepare for career opportunities,” says Vanderpol.

Vitalus extracts, purifies and customizes the high-value, high-function components of milk. Their main products include: whey protein, which has the highest nutritional value of food proteins; milk protein, which supply essential amino acids that help your body build muscles, cells and other tissues; also cream and whipping cream made from 100% fresh milk that is Kosher certified.

If a client has specific needs, Vitalus has product development teams on hand to meet exact requirements for new products, formulations and ingredients. Vitalus is the only company in North America that is producing Galacto-oligosaccharides, which is a high value ingredient in infant formula.

“Our staff is key to making our operation a success,” says Vanderpol. “They are professional and supportive of our mission and core values. We are committed to providing products that are superior in quality and meet all applicable food safety requirements.”

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