Rainmaker creates huge talent pool

Rainmaker Entertainment has been leading the charge in CGI animation and visual effects for over 20 years. From launching the first-ever CGI animated TV show, Reboot, in the early 90s, to full-length animated films today, Rainmaker has built up an amazing pool of talented employees that keeps it as a leader in the industry.

Rainmaker prides itself on the community it builds inside and outside of the studio.

“We focus on building careers for people and give them the training they need to succeed in the jobs they want,” says Michael Hefferon, president and chief creative officer of Rainmaker. “Rainmaker has been a great incubator for the animation industry in Vancouver, Victoria and across Canada.”

“A lot of the animation companies in B.C. have been started, or are now run, by people who used to work at Rainmaker.”

Rainmaker employs about 260 people. But with the projects that are in development, that number is expected to swell to over 400 in the coming year. Many of the jobs will be new hires right out post-secondary schools in B.C.

“Rainmaker is a studio that hires junior- and entry-level artists on a lot of our projects,” Hefferon says. “These artists are part of teams that are ideally balanced with more experienced talent so that the crews are well-rounded.

“We regularly have students from the animation and VFX programs who come to Rainmaker for tours and info sessions. We also have employees who are either mentors or instructors at some of the schools. In addition, we try to have Rainmaker representatives attend the grad shows whenever possible.”

Rainmaker also has a great “get-your-foot-in-the-door” position called facility production assistant (FPA). If someone has a good portfolio and their interview shows great potential, but may not be totally ready to get into production work right away, being an FPA is an excellent first stepping stone.

“Be passionate,” Hefferon says about getting into the business. “Get in with a company and learn what is available. Schools only show you a few possible routes to go. But right now, there are more jobs available than there are people to fill them.”

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