Organic Baby Food Made with Love

When John and Leah Garrad-Cole of Whistler became parents they were determined to feed their daughter Poppy and son Cam only additive free, organic baby food. Leah, a special needs teacher and enthusiastic home cook, prepared nutritious meals for her children. John and Leah quickly found their niche in organic baby food, which was not widely available in Canada.

The business idea for Love Child Organics came about in 2011 as a result of their desire to provide organic, nutritional food for all children to give them the best possible start in life. Their first product was pureed baby food in re-closable single portion pouches. The food is guaranteed yummy because it’s taste tested by babies and toddlers.

A stint on the CBC show Dragon’s Den helped Love Child gain national attention and investors, attracting the biggest deal in the show’s history in 2013. With a head office in Whistler, the company has grown to seven employees, including a sales rep in Toronto. John says Love Child is “democratizing” organic baby food by distributing it nationally through Wal Mart Canada, their first customer. The company moved into U.S. grocery chains in mid-2014.

Love Child shows no signs of slowing down. It continues to grow distribution in North America with new products such as snack bars and baby rice cakes. More snack products will be launched in the near future.

Leah is excited to recently announce that she is in the process of writing a cookbook, “The Love Child Organics Cookbook” to be published by Random House, filled with her favourite nutritious recipes for babies, children and families. It’s a natural progression for Leah also produces the “Cooking with Love Child” video series, a guide about how to make your own baby food and healthy at home snacks.

John, a former investment banker from London, England, advises anyone planning to start a business to plan ahead and ensure there are adequate cash resources.   “Many businesses fail due to a lack of cash. Take the time to write a business plan. But once you’ve done your research go for it!”

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