Marshall Aerospace Flies High

Marshall Aerospace Canada Inc. Employees Cintia Lao, Jason Westra and Loy Liu

British Columbia’s aerospace industry is set to soar in the coming years. The province’s proximity to the growing Asia Pacific region and Boeing in Seattle are a couple of reasons why B.C. is a perfect hub for aerospace growth.  Marshall Aerospace Canada Inc. is a strong industry player in Canada, and has set up its headquarters on the West Coast. The company started business in Canada in Abbotsford in 2006, teaming up with Cascade Aerospace supporting the Royal Canadian Air Force Hercules C-130 fleet. Looking ahead, it’s positive news for Marshall Aerospace says General Manager Larry Huber.

”We’re looking to grow our presence in Canada from our current base while maintaining our level of quality.”

The company’s Abbotsford operations have 45 employees. While the focus is continuing with the C-130 contract, there are also plans to diversify.

“One of the benefits of setting up this facility in Abbotsford is to continue to support our current contract on the C-130 aircraft while allowing us the opportunity to do work outside of that contract.”

While the company is enjoying its success and eyeing new opportunities, Huber offers a little advice for other businesses.

“Set a high standard and be persistent. It can be difficult to navigate obstacles. But, create your vision and stick to your plan.”

No doubt many people would agree that’s sage advice for any business…in aerospace or elsewhere in B.C.’s growing economy.

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