Made-in-B.C. eco-retaining walls used worldwide

Mike Callewaert stands in front of a Flex MSE wall.

Demand is growing around the world for an environmentally friendly, made-in-B.C. building material.

Stronger, greener and nearly half the cost of traditional wall materials, Flex MSE is a simple system of geomodular construction – geotextile bags filled with sand, soil and rock fastened together with an innovative system to create retaining walls, erosion control, slope stabilization and shoreline protection.

Manufactured and distributed by Trexiana of Surrey, Flex MSE replaces concrete and wire basket wall systems with a rock-solid organic system that does all the work of concrete at a fraction of the cost and labour. Flex MSE doesn’t attract graffiti, can have vegetation planted on it and withstands cold, wet environments and heavy traffic. It’s an environmental win with 50 per cent recycled content, expending three per cent of the greenhouse gases produced by concrete and steel.

The Flex MSE system was developed by Mike Callewaert after testing a series of prototypes and studying engineering results. Callewaert secured patents and trademarks globally, quickly expanding from major infrastructure projects in British Columbia to distribution across Canada, then into the United States, Europe and the Southern Hemisphere. Local projects include the Sea to Sky Highway and new interchanges near Victoria. Trexiana is also on the approved materials list for the B.C. Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.

Trexiana employs 75 people in jobs ranging from manufacturing to marketing. “We also have at least 20 dealers in B.C. and more than 300 sales people who work for them,” Callewaert explains.

Trexiana is about to announce a major expansion into the Eastern United States, but manufacturing will stay in Canada to ensure quality control. Callewaert is planning to expand manufacturing into northern British Columbia and is in discussions with First Nations in Kitimat and Terrace to achieve that goal. Trexiana also has a mandate to train and certify wall-builders working with the Flex MSE System.

“We are proud of our high-quality results and proud to support local industry,” says Callewaert, adding that Trexiana uses local truckers, engineers, and other partners. “I truly believe in shopping where I eat.”

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