Conquer Mobile taking over the virtual O.R.

An entrepreneurial spirit and a love for coding has lead Angela Robert to being the co-founder and CEO of a tech company that is making headlines in the world of medicine.

PeriopSim, Conquer Mobile’s virtual reality app, has been developed in close collaboration with surgeons, nurses, educators and neuroscientists to ensure accuracy and realistic learning outcomes. It trains perioperative nurses, specialty nurses who work with patients that are having operative or other invasive procedure done, on instruments and procedures. This is something they would normally have to learn by scrubbing in for live surgeries, which is stressful and costly.

“I was interested in building apps, but the company I was currently working with didn’t have and app department in Vancouver,” says Robert in regards to how she got her start. “It was a passion that kept me up at night, so I started up my own company.”

But it wasn’t until she met Aaron Hilton, the other co-founder of Conquer Mobile, at a New Ventures B.C. convention and started consulting with his business that this portion of her career started to take off.

“Aaron helped me find my first client, which was CanPages, and I did consulting for his business until we started Conquer Mobile together,” says Robert. “That was seven years ago!”

Now their company, located in Surrey, employs 15 – 20 people depending on their production schedule, and PeriopSim is being used all across the country helping to train nurses in half the time it would normally take.

“You should follow your passion,” says Robert on her success. “Follow your passion, and network a lot.”

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