Community Sift is Filtering in Good Jobs

In a world that is increasingly connected through chatrooms, social networks, and comment pages, the opportunity to experience negative interactions with anonymous individuals online has multiplied. Community Sift is a filter that can reduce the exposure to these unwanted online interactions.

“We call it ‘the smartest filter on the internet’,” said Karen Olsson, chief operating officer at Two Hat Security, the company that produces Community Sift. “We use an advanced AI to filter the language, and have an advanced algorithm that we update constantly to account for changing slang.”

Chris Priebe founded Two Hat in July 2012. He had been working as a security specialist for Disney Online studios when he left with the intention of bringing that high level of security to the entire Internet.

The company grew to eight people when he launched the program commercially in 2014. That’s when Olsson joined the company, and she helped build it up to almost 40 people.

“We’re really focusing on our product optimization to increase our client’s overall satisfaction,” she said. “And we’re also working at building a stronger sales team. We are expecting to double the size of our company in the next year, and we want to be ready and able to meet that demand.”

Community Sift is primarily used for chats that have two-way communications, and the clients determine the level of filtering they want on their site. They are also responsible for managing the content after it has been flagged.

Currently they have 35 companies who subscribe to their service, and are working with them to expand what the product can do.

“We work with a lot of large platform gaming companies, and with the RCMP,” said Olsson. “Our filters are better capable of identifying images that contain child-exploitive materials, and we’re working at improving it further.”

Growing a company is hard work, but according to Olsson the rewards are well worth it.

“I sleep, eat and breathe this company,” said Olsson. “But if you love what you’re doing, it’s like you’re living your passion.”

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