BigSteelBox Re-invents the Modular Industry

Devon Siebenga, BigSteelBox

Devon Siebenga sees every business challenge as an opportunity. “My motivation is to disrupt and challenge the status quo. There is often good reason that things are done in a certain way, but I believe there is always room for better.”

That kind of thinking can lead to an ‘out-of-the-box’ business idea. Or in Devon’s case, should that be IN the box?

Devon heads up Kelowna-based, family-run BigSteelBox Structures. The concept? Turn steel shipping containers into portable living accommodation and offices. To some, a storage container is a cold lifeless structure, however, Devon sees each container as a potential home full of life and possibilities.

Devon and BigSteelBox are ready to seize opportunities presented by Liquefied Natural Gas development in Northern B.C. To meet potential demand BigSteelBox Structures added a manufacturing facility in the B.C. Interior, allowing them to double capacity. This is in addition to their site in Abbotsford. They are adding a number of jobs to the B.C. operations over the next five years, including in-house designers and engineers to tradesmen, account managers and project managers.

The company started as a family business nearly 10 years ago renting out metal containers for temporary storage. “We saw a great opportunity. Our modular structures go where the work is,” he says. “A steel and skid container is built for quick transport. It provides the oil industry the rigor required for constant movement and the sustainability of a steel container – with all the comforts of home.”

The concept of “the world’s most luxurious living quarters” was unveiled at the LNG conference this year. Top end units come with air conditioning, work stations, computers, even stainless steel appliances if desired.

To date, BigSteelBox Structures has built more than 700 modified containers.

BigSteelBox currently has locations in Terrace and Smithers with plans to open in Kitimat and Prince Rupert. They also just opened a BigSteelBox store in Saskatoon, bringing them one step closer to taking their business concept Canada-wide.

Devon thrives on the challenge: “There is nothing more rewarding…than going against the grain. The notion of a challenge motivates me and reshaping the modular industry is my hill to climb.”

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